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4 December 2023

The University of Jeddah launches the activities of the Comprehensive Law Forum

Under the patronage of His Highness Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Jalawi, Governor of Jeddah, the University of Jeddah, represented by the College of Law and Sharia, in cooperation with the Bar Association, launched, at the university’s conference center today, the “Comprehensive Law Forum” and the accompanying exhibition, with the participation of more than 20 participating parties with pavilions to introduce their services.
The forum, which lasts for two days, aims to discuss the professional future of the law major and the skills required by the labor market in light of the rapid development the field is witnessing through legal specialists and influential figures. The objectives of the forum also intersect with the objectives of its vision of the “Modern Saudi University”, and in particular the two programs. Empowering graduates and a university without walls.
The forum began with an opening speech by His Excellency the President of the University of Jeddah, Dr. Adnan Al-Humaidan, during which he thanked His Highness the Governor of Jeddah for his sponsorship and support of the forum’s activities, and to the participating parties, the College of Sharia and Law, and law students, considering the field of law to be one of the most important fields, and stressing the necessity of holding law forums and conferences due to the importance of the transitional phase. This is notable in the field of law and judiciary, as a number of laws have been issued in this regard in recent years, which would facilitate legal performance and clarify the work of lawyers.
For his part, the Dean of the College of Sharia and Law, Dr. Muhammad Al-Maqati, explained that the forum discusses scientific and practical issues and includes entities, institutions and law colleges in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, lawyers and law students with the aim of contributing to the development and development of the legal field, noting that the forum is full of many dialogue sessions that include elite legal professionals. Workshops highlighting contemporary issues and an accompanying exhibition consisting of more than 20 pavilions that include many government agencies and employment agencies, and a special pavilion for providing legal consultations.
In turn, the General Supervisor of the General Secretariat of the Saudi Bar Association, Dr. Alaa Naji, stated that the year 2023 AD is full of unprecedented legal events, conferences and forums, starting with the Legal Volunteering Marathon and its auxiliary forum, then the Saudi Law Forum, passing through the legal activities held by the lawyers’ committees in various regions of the Kingdom and ending with this. Enriching forum.
It is noteworthy that the forum witnesses the organization of a package of dialogue sessions and scientific lectures, in addition to special consultations in the field of scholarships in the field of law. The exhibition also includes a special pavilion to provide admissions to language programs and graduate studies abroad.