about the university
Foundation and Establishment

the University of Jeddah one of the new University in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .It was founded in 1435 AH/2014 AD by the Royal Decree No.20937 dated 2/6/1435 AH approving the decision oh the Higer Education Council,held in its seventy-second session on 4/6/1434 AH , to establish the University of Jeddah.


Future leaders first choice


Pioneering in adopting future specialties and skills to prepare a generation of scientists and leads who contribute to the development of the economy ,society and country

organizational Structure

In accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030, which looks forward to the future ,we decided to support the new generation to be leaders of the future through a new structure the goes in harmony with all general strategic goals of Saudi Vision 2030.Through the new structure we seek:

  • TO achieve exclusiveness and distinction in providing academic programs that are compatible with future direction and developments.
  • To ensure that graduates possess the knowledge and skills needed for the unique career paths in various work fields in the market.

Strategic plan

University of Jeddah Strategic plan was designed to lead the university goals and its development process that adheres to the university guidelines and keeps pace with the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom 2030 plan in order to make the University of jeddah to first choice for students.